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What, Why and Where?

What Services Do

We Provide?

Exchanges - This service allows children to go from one parent to the other without the parents meeting.

Supervised Visitation – This service is generally court ordered and a trained visitation monitor supervises the visit with parent and child solely as a neutral observer.

Therapeutic Visitation - This is generally court ordered and is with a licensed therapist who provides redirection and education regarding parenting skills and appropriate parent-child interaction.

Documentation - The provider keeps records of all exchanges and supervised visits.

Why Supervised Visitation & Exchange?

Parents have a shared responsibility for their children. Most often children benefit from having regular contact with both parents regardless of the parents' relationship.

Supervised Visitation and Exchange Services are for the benefit of children that may not have safe, conflict-free contact with one or both parents without the intervention of a neutral person.

What Can I Expect?

Child Focused Environment

No Contact Between Parents

Emergency Security Devices

Separate Entrances







Do I Really Need These Services?

Are there concerns about your child's emotional or physical well-being while visiting their parent?

Would you like objective & documented observations of visits?

Are you concerned about the objectivity of the current visit supervisor or their ability to intervene when necessary during a visit?

Are your children being caught in emotional, physical or verbal crossfire when your former spouse comes over, or when you go to pick them up?

It is not necessary to have a court order to use our services.

Many parents who want to protect their children from unnecessary anxiety use monitored exchange services by mutual agreement.

Who Provides the Supervision?

KIDZ SAFE is a member of Supervised Network Worldwide Supervisors and KIDZ SAFE staff are trained and practice within the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN) Standards, Code of Ethics, and Guidelines for Best Practice.

Member of Travis County Domestic Relations Kids Exchange Network


Where do Visits Take Place?

KIDZ SAFE provides visits in a neutral, comfortable homelike environment to encourage positive family time. The visitation space has comfortable furniture, games, toys and activities for young and older children. Visits take place in Marble Falls.

If weather and safety allows, visits may take place outside in the yard or may include a one block walk to the city soccer fields for a large outdoor area to play.